Following global trends, the Ukrainian game development industry continues to grow and generate significant returns for investors. Ukrainian developers have created such famous games as STALKER, Cossacks, Metro, Sherlock Holmes, Warface, World of Warplanes, etc. More and more American and Western European companies prefer to cooperate with Ukrainian game developers to bring their wildest gaming ideas into reality.

The Ukrainian game development market is booming. More than 20,000 IT specialists in more than 100 companies are developing games in Ukraine. Some part of them provides services as Game Art Outsourcing studio. Some companies develop their products and provide outsourcing services and consult at the same time.

The Ukrainian game development industry is attracting more and more well-known game publishers from around the world. For example, Ubisoft has game development studios in Kyiv and Odesa. In addition, leading game development companies such as Wargaming, Plarium, Playtech and Gameloft have opened their offices in Ukraine.

The global shift towards outsourced game development is gaining momentum. Amy Hennig, the creative director of the Uncharted series, talked about this during the DICE Summit in Las Vegas. Sooner or later, the game industry will inherit the model used in today's film industry, where most of the project, from actors to VFX post-production, is outsourced, she said.

Many large companies have come to a more sustainable model: they have reduced part of their internal employees and actively interacted with game art outsourcing studios. This approach has several advantages:

  • Professional expertise

The customer does not need to spend resources on building a team of experts in non-core areas. It is easier to turn to those who already have the necessary knowledge. By partnering with an external company, you gain access to their extensive technical expertise. Their skills and experience with different projects can help avoid pitfalls along the way and provide completely new and effective solutions to problems.

  • Well organized team

When outsourcing game development, you start with a balanced and well-organized development team. It can include designers, artists, QAs and any other specialists you need. Working with a team of employees who have previously worked with each other leads to more effective collaboration.

  • Fast scaling

For outsourcing companies, quickly scaling for a specific project is a common part of the workflow. Therefore, the customer has more chances to meet the deadline without reworking and postponing the release. You can easily request additional resources for only a specific part of the project. After all, it's much easier to hire more professionals if the burden of hiring is on your supplier.

  • Reduced costs

Even though the cost of hiring a third-party team looks higher at first glance, it covers all the overhead costs. It eliminates all the problems associated with running a game development centre. First, you do not need to spend money on recruiting and training, as these tasks are your partner's responsibility. Then you take off the financial burden of software and hardware licenses, office space, hardware, social benefits and supplies. In the end, you reduce the costs associated with legal fees and taxes.

Summing up

Many companies from both America and Europe today choose Ukraine to search for talented developers. Gaming giants such as Ubisoft, Wargaming Group, Playtika, Plarium and Gameloft have already set up their offices in Ukraine. However, if you want to save your time and money, the best option is to find an experienced and reliable game art outsourcing studio for cooperation.

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